We propose the creation of an eLearning systems software as well as any software for your business.


t a certain stage of its development each company faces the need in business process automation, arrangement of main functions of units, and systematization of financial reporting. This does not seem possible without creation and implementation of complex software adjusted to the internal and external tasks of a company.

Complex business automation through software development means, first of all, time saving, for the company manager can promptly keep track of information about the clients, monitor statistics, prepare reports, perform control over financial operations, and handle a great number of other tasks, thus allowing the company to work as a single well-formed mechanism. Business process automation adds to the efficiency of work, employee’s activity, and revenue of your company.

You can select several options of business process automation system: you can purchase As-Is software or order development of exclusive software.

Ready-made As-Is software rarely matches well the tasks a company is facing. This is due to the fact that functional of such solution is always either tantalizingly constrained or huge, which influences the price accordingly. Often (usually in case of small and medium-sized businesses) exclusive software developed to meet your specific needs proves to be not only more user-friendly, but not that much more expensive as well. Programs that finely target a specific client and specific business processes are usually much more effective than standard As-Is the software and require less time for the personnel to master them.

Our experts carry out software development of optimization of your company’s work. Software can include everything associated with accounting, document management, work with clients, processing of applications, statistical recording, audit and control, and many other. Our company provides a full range of services connected with custom software development – starting with preparation of expression of requirements and various specifications, designing, developing, and testing, and ending with software implementation and support.

Another characteristic feature of custom software development is that you become fully legitimate owner of the product and can make any required changes without the help of third-party specialists.

Tasks associated with custom software development are successfully solved by highly qualified experts of our company. We are ready to get to the development of software for you based on complete expression of requirements offered by you or based on such document prepared by our experts according to non-formal description. The final result of software development relies directly on expression of requirements and the tasks specified in it. The tasks within the expression of requirements should be clear and properly outlined. Our company offers you assistance in preparation of expression of requirements, which is to be prepared with regard to all the needs of your company.

Prices for software development depend on the complexity of a project and assumed hours of work, and shall be defined at the stage of initial investigation. By using our services you can be sure that your task will be solved in time and at an extremely high level!

Our company offers you:

 Least-cost of software development;
 Several software test cycles, which assures quality and reliability of the end product;
 Training of your personnel;
 We carry out not only software implementation, but also prompt ongoing support;
 If required, we attend to urgent orders by expanding our work schedule.

List of services for creation eLearning systems software and business software:

 Development of management information systems and business process automation systems;
 Transfer of outdated information systems onto new technologies (reengineering);
 Creation of data warehouses and complex databases;
 Implementation of systems of monitoring and analysis of business processes in real time;
 Development of complex solutions in respect of integration of information systems, applications, and data;
 Development of high-level Internet portals;
 Software implementation with adjustment for a specific company.

Our rules for software development:

 Individual approach to solving the task set;
 Joint preparation of Expression of Requirements;
 Advising the client on the possibilities of software efficiency upgrading;
 Development of software with embedded expandability;
 Integration of the developed solution with the existing software of the client;
 Providing the client with all the required and supporting documents;
 Warranty and technical maintenance of the software developed.

We use the following technologies for software development:

 Programming languages: C#.NET, ASP.NET , C++, JavaScript, PHP, SQL
 Operating systems: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003, UNIX
 Standards and technologies: Framework 1.x, 2.0, 3.5; ASP.NET; Win Forms (.NET); Ajax, SilverLight, DHTML,XML

Should you have any questions regarding software development and implementation, contact us, and our experts will provide you with prompt advice.


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