E-University virtual classroom Features

Green Light for Effective Meetings and Webinars

E-University Web conferencing with capacities from 3 (free-of-costs) to 1000 participants
E-University Unified web conferencing
E-University Unlimited usage
E-University N-way Audio and Video web conferencing
E-University Permanent meeting room feature*
E-University Present Office documents, PDF, real-time video in scalable high-definition quality
E-University Screen sharing for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
E-University Desktop Remote Control
E-University Interactive Whiteboard
E-University Moderated and Unmoderated Chat
E-University Multiple Presenters/Moderators
E-University Integrated VoIP Telephone
E-University PDF-export and PDF-annotation
E-University Recording and Archiving*
E-University Speaker Detection and Visualization
E-University Customizable email invitations 
E-University Real-time conference Management controls
E-University Secure and private with 256-bit AES encryption
E-University Extremely Reliable — E-University has 99.98% uptime
E-University No Software installation or download required
E-University Worldwide 24-hours access to the E-University Web 2.0 conference system

E-University  can be used with virtually any PC and Mac running on Windows, OS X or Linux.

Can E-University be used on all computers?

E-University web conferencing can be used on 99,1% of all desktops.

E-University virtual classroom is optimal for support and training.

E-University Remote assistance: With E-University web conferencing, your support team may guide customers directly through programs or instruction procedures. If your customer should become uncertain on product operation at some point, he can receive direct insight to using your product correctly. Support employees can, therefore, react quickly, act efficiently, and work economically.

E-University Problem solving: Your support simply guides the customer to the right solution, thereby contributing to a quick reaction to problems. Customer satisfaction cannot be more efficiently targeted. Possible and potential errors can be actively addressed and avoided in advance.

E-University Collaborative problem processing: Using the Chat, Screensharing Whiteboard functions of web conferencing, it is of course possible to process problems in a support team. It doesn't matter where employees may find themselves - E-University web conferencing brings them together to accelerate and optimize problem solving.

E-University Continuing education: E-University  is perfectly suited for continuing education and training of support staff as well as the communication of traps and frequently occurring problems. Training cannot be more cost-advantageous or more efficient.

E-University Employee training: Efficiently train employees regionally, nationally, or globally over E-University virtual classroom. New products, offers, experiences, and methods can be presented, discussed, and communicated. Convey and augment the most important company asset: knowledge. No time restraints, location boundaries, or any other restrictions.

E-University Customer training: Company trainers can also instruct customers. Whether explaining the general operation of a product or answering detailed questions, training cannot occur faster, simpler, or more economical than that over E-University virtual classroom.

E-University Partner training: Partner training can be offered in order to guarantee both the quality of the cooperation and the service to the end customer - even when the partner resides abroad. Regular information and updates are part of a functioning partnership. To ensure quality, you may even certify your partners using the full online-training functionalities of E-University web conferencing.

E-University Teamwork: Training materials, support documentation, or inquiry processing: everything accomplished in teams can be accomplished even faster and better with E-University.

Webinars and Meetings with Live Video & Audio

Use multimedia presentations with live video and audio to perform video conferences and create personal relationships with your customers, partners and colleagues. In addition E-University offers built-in telephone conferencing facilities for worldwide telephone conferences.

E-University web conferencing web 2.0 meetings and trainings support up to 42 (!) simultaneous presenters - all with live video/audio. E-University is also is extremely versatile and scalable: E-University web meetings can have hundreds or even thousands of participants.


Present documents and video live! E-University web conferencing delivers unparalleled live experience to your participants. You can present PowerPoint, PDF, Microsoft Office and Open Office documents, graphics and live video within meeting. Your participants always see the actual slide currently being shown or you can let a participant navigate through the presentation. The actual slide or page is instantaneously visible to all participants. Even if you simultaneously present to thousands of participants.

Documents and video presentations are fully scaleable. Each document is presented independent from the screen resolution in a high-quality scalable vector format.

E-University web conferencing supports various document formats for scalable presentations:

E-University Microsoft Office documents: PowerPoint, Excel, Word
E-University Open Office documents: Impress, Calc, Draw, Writer
E-University Adobe PDF: all PDF documents (custom fonts are supported), copy/print      protected PDF 's can be presented as well
E-University Images: JPG, JPEG2000, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP and many more image formats
E-University Live video: Pod casts, Quick time, AVI, FLV, MPEG-1/2/4 video

In addition using the E-University web conferencing application and screen sharing feature any type of document and application can be presented live. E-University is the only web conferencing system available on the market being able to present scalable documents such as PDF and life video presentations.

Live Desktop and Application Sharing

Share and present software applications and desktop live. Share your screen content or any application such as Excel, editors or CAD programs with your meeting participants.
Live remote access: access and control Windows applications running remotely on your participants desktop. Screen and application sharing is available for PCs running Windows and Linux. Screen and applications sharing for Mac OS X will be soon available.


Collaborative whiteboard for presenters and participants. Develop and visualize ideas and concepts within the team online. In contrast to the conventional flipchart, the E-University whiteboard offers collaborative painting tools and text annotations with which concepts can be quickly visualized. Joint brainstorming within the team, developing of ideas, and elaboration of concepts become totally independent of location and physical presence.

E-University Live-Documents: E-University Live-Whiteboard offers integrated PDF (Portable Document Format) support. Documents and whiteboard annotations can be downloaded as structured PDF files for printing and archiving. PDF files are always in-sync with the whiteboard content creating live PDF documents.

Create diagrams simply with boxes and circles; mark sketches with text-functions; and highlight important points with the digital text marker. Writings on the whiteboard may be collaboratively changed, and rearranged by the presenters in a meeting. E-University whiteboard drawings are shown to all participants without delay in real time. Presenters can work simultaneously on the whiteboard and contribute their drawings to all meeting participants.


E-University Live-Recording enables you to record Web Meetings. Your participants can later on play-back the meeting with presentations, files, screen sharing, chat and all video/audio channels of your attendees. Access to recorded E-University meetings can be limited to the invited attendees or published for public access.
E-University Live-Recording is ideal for webinars, trainings and corporate meetings. The Live-Recording feature for E-University is available free of cost.


Instant text messages for conference participants. Participants of E-University meeting can communicate with presenters and/or with other participants using E-University chat test messages. Live-Chat enables feedback and communication of meeting participants without the use of audio and video. Using E-University chat participants are listed with their name and a given color. Live-Chat can be used even for a large number of meeting participants. Thousands of participants can participate a meeting and give live feedback to the presenters. E-University chat also has advanced features such as as private messages, text formatting, and chat control commands.

File Sharing

Flexible providing of documents. All E-University conference participants can import digital documents to the conference and make them available to others for download. Consequently, every participant can quickly and simply access the slide presentation, additional documentations, or meeting protocols. This eliminates the need to email documents to all participants.

Corporate Branding

Through E-University Corporate Branding, references to the E-University brand can be replaced with your organization's specific branding such as your company's logo. E-University Corporate Branding is included with E-University 1 and 2 year plans with a capacity of 25 or more participants.


E-University co-browse allows the presenter to present web pages to the meeting participant.

Screen Shots

web conference

Safe and without hesitation

Use E-University and don't worry about the safety of your system or your privacy.

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E-University features industrial strength high-security. All communication is secured by digital certificated issued by a trust center authority. The data is encrypted using modern state-of-the-art AES-256 encryption and 2048-bit secured key exchange.


 Encryption: 256-bit AES encryption (actual encryption algorithm may vary depending on browser capabilities).
 Digital Certificate, Public Key Infrastructure: 2048-Bit Certificate.